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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  April 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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not as warm as yesterday, but another nice day. the temperatures around here are cool in the 50s. look for temperatures to climb through the 60s to 70s this afternoon and rain chances if crease tomorrow. now, it is time for traffic.
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all of the information is on if you go to the home pain look for the traffic banner at the top of your pin. we have a link to a great map. back to you. the nuclear security summit gets under way in just a few hours. and that's a lot going on.
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as we have been telling you have a week. key roads are closed around the washington convention center. parking for blocks will be limited. and many workers in the area are being urged to telecommute if they can. the summit is taking its toll on local businesses. today, president barack obama will mead with various world leaders. he will arrive in a few hours. our team of journalists has every angle of the story covered this morning. we begin with the traffic impact. alex is live at new york and florida avenues. any activity? >> reporter: it is starting to pick up. this is a very busy intersection from folks from the east. now, traffic is going to be building up throughout the day. we're going to be feeling the pressure as the summit is helpingening at the convention have. we're going to feel the traffic throughout thousand today.
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part of the nation's capital is shutdown. if you plan to drive-thru the heart of the city it will be gridlock. >> it's like a bomb hit the city. >> reporter: the metro station has been closed sun sunday night. >> it is a very big deal. there are thousands of folks who use the station every day to get to work and everywhere else. >> reporter: 24 square blocked locked down. washington, d.c. police and the secret service have cleared the way for dozens of motorcades carrying the leaders of 47 nations to make their way in and out of the convention center. chose an alternate route and expect delays. back to you. >> thank you, alex. now to the business angle of this story. this lock down will hurt smaller businesses. jessica is live with a look at that, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mondays are always tough. this monday is going to be
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particularly difficult for people who do business in and around the sun vention center in washington. this is down the street, we're at 7th and i street. we have a road closure a block away and then the convention center. now, what is going on with the federal government today, the largest security in the region. federal agencies will be open and operating as normal today. the operation and urging government to grand flexibility with folks to take time off. we caught up with small businesses and they are already feeling the pinch from the security crack down. folks staying away from the area. we caught up with folks at a dog grooming business. this is what they had to say. >> we had several cancellations today for today and tomorrow,
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for grooming especially. a 50% decline in grooming clients. we can't do about a 4th of our pickups because they are in the area and, i'm hearing a lot of people say that i don't know if i can drop my dogs off. >> reporter: so, loss of business, $4,000 or $5,000, that is a significant pinch and the pedestrian traffic will be a problemment since people walking around the area are being asked to show id and go to to their own homes and we have the parking restrictions in place. good news andrea, street sweeping operations are suspended. >> thank you, jessica. all of the impacts are because of the 4 plus world leaders in town this week. president barack obama wants to find a way to secure the nuclear stockpile. he wents to keep nuclear weapons out of al-qaeda's
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hands. hillary clinton adds -- >> with the emphasize on our nuclear stockpile and the stewardship program that we are engaged in, we will be stronger then everybody in the world, as we always have been. with more nuclear weapons that are needed. >> leading up up to the start of today's summit, president barack obama held talks with world leaders on sunday. the traffic situation will be changing all day. we we have you covered. check updates on a. metro access bus driver is fighting charges and looking for a new job this morning. jose is charged with sexually assaulting a customer. it happened in january. police arrested him in his home
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and took him to prince george's county last week. he is the second metro bus driver fired this year after being accuse of sexual assault. classes will go on as scheduled this morning at eastern high school. the school's roof cost fire while construction crews were working sunday. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. it is time for some living smart headlines. if you went to the title basin the crowds were thing for this year's cherry festival, but a lot of tourists were thought big spenders. and many were day-trippers leaving hotels emptar then last year. ern believe it or not, the skies are actually getting friendlier. a report out from purdue is claiming that we complained less about the airlines last year. planes are on time and the bags are getting lost less. gas prices are pinching up
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slowly. according to the lund birth survey, they are up 4-cents in the last four weeks. >> this has been a very special day and a very special week. to have amy and my kids here to share it with, i can't put into words. it just feels incredible. especially given what we have been through in the last year. to share this kind of joy means a lot to us.
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>> tiger woods finished the day tied for 4th. he was 5 strokes off of the lead. it is 9 after the hour. here is howard. good morning, we have a nice day ahead for you. throughout the day, plenty of sunshine. a few clouds from time-to-time. we start with temperatures in the 50s to 60s by 9:00. by the learn hour, mid-60s and upper 60s in a couple of spots. how about the commute? here is angie with more. that is right. good morning.
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more head lines to come. stay with us. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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we are back at 6:11 with our monday hero central report. it is easy to say that children are the future, but it is much harder to actually prepare them for it. in today's hero central report, we take you to virginia. derek reports that everyone is welcome. >> if they didn't come here, what would happen to them? >> they would probably be with a baby-sitter. >> reporter: it is elizabeth's job to make sure that doesn't happen to her on the children on her watch. they come up at 18 months and they leave ready for kindergarten, no matter what it takes. >> so, 2/3 of our children here are from low working income
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families. that clean houses our work in fast food restaurants. mostern less then $25,000 a year. >> i try to go to every school in the area. >> reporter: susanna came to the school with a boy who could barely speak one language. >> has your son gotten getter? >> yes. be can speak two languages, english and spanish >> like all stories, this comes with a price. >> we have to raise $300,000 a year to manage the program. so, money from places is just a huge gift to us. >> reporter: and apparently it is money well spent. 2/3 of the children are from low income families the rest have parents paying full tuition and there is a waiting
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list. >> it is a testament to the program and the qualitys. families who could put their children anywhere, they choose this because of the deversety of the staff and the other children and the values that we pass on. >> the center received a $5,000 grant to help with the program. for more information on charities we're profiling go to it is 6:14 this monday morning. here is what is in the news now. federal investigators will begin their work toward into the deadly mine explosion in west virginia. 29 people died in last week's blast. west virginia's governor is calling for a moment of silence today. a district attorney in georgia
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will announce if he will file charges against ben roethlisberger. he is facing sexual assault claims. not a sad sight for redskins' fans. texas stadium met its end on sunday. the former home of the cowboys will be cleared for future development. 6:15. we say good morning, to howard bernstein. what a beautiful weekend. you were talking about warm. but i was cold. maybe it is because i was sick. >> we had chilly mornings in the 40, but the afternoon we hit 70s. mid to upper 70s. and today, not like the weekend, maybe it is just, just the blood flow. >> maybe. >> this afternoon, like the weekend. a cool start and a pleasant finish. let's get your forecast on this monday morpic. today is the nicest of the next three.
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then today, becanning mostly cloudy and chilly. the temperatures will drop into the 40s. the sunset at 7:42. this morning, 59 at the naval academy. cambridge is 57. martinsburg down to 50. locally, 40s.
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nationals at 58. all right. so, we have a nice cooling morning. north, to northeast winds at 9. so, a touch of a wind chill. the barometer is rising. across the country it is quiet for most of us, but a big storm is pounding the coast. another disturbance here. this is going to ride up and over and come towards us as we get into tomorrow evening. in fact, we see the flow here coming northwest to southeast. that is why tomorrow by the afternoon, keep the umbrellas handy. as we look at the seven-day forecast -- angie? traffic alert. a metro alert, a bus alert. you name it, we have it covered.
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back to you. >> thank you, angie. our time is 6:19. people of hellish heritage around the world, are mourning the polish president lech kaczynski who died in a plane crash this weekend. among those paying trib auto, maryland's senator. >> i wanted to come today to express my personal condolences, that of maryland and also the country dullances of president barack obama. >> she is the highest ranking senator of polish heritage. hillary clinton signed the book on sunday. 2010 census forms are
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starting to roll in. at last check, 65% americans returned their homes. the highest in wisconsin, the lowest in alaska. this weekend, mail back the census events were held nationwide. many targes minority communities. that form was due back by april 1st. right now it is 6:20. mary! hey!
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good morning, i'm sara walsh with a look at your morning sports. we know that the caps were in, now we know who they are taking
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on. montreal. here is how the caps season ended on fun. in extra fun, hosting the bruins we are in a shootout. the first goal in this one and then bradley trying to even things up. he would be denied by thomas. this would seal the deal. the bruins win, 4-3, but who cares. now, in new york on sunday. this is going to work in the 1st inning. willingham takes santana off of the center field wall. it would be ruled a grand slam. steven strawsburg making his major league debut in philadelphia. the game sold out. he did not disappoint. 5 innings, allowing 4 runs. striking out 8 batters and he added an r.b.i. double. a winner in hiss minor league debut. more on the caps quest for the stanley cup as the playoffs
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start on thursday. have a great monday. coming up on 6:25. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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[ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at we are back at 6:29 with a live look at michigan avenue and florida avenue in northeast washington. this key commuter route could be a mess today because of the closures downtown for the national security summit. this morning we are helping you get around all of the mess and we thank you for starting your monday with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace are with the forecast. >> reporter: good morning. we are still in the upper 50s in the northwest. so, a really pleasant start to the day. this is one of the nicer days of the week. chilly up north. you notice the 30s there. we sit at 58 degrees. locally, we have mainly 50s.
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the 60s by 9:00. mid to upper 60s by the lunch hour. topping off around 70. changes are heading this way. right now, ainge has a look at the road closures.
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back to you. >> thank you. angie. at 6:31. the nuclear summit begins in a few hours. high level talks are already under way. president barack obama met with a few worlds leaders last night. more than 40 nations will be repped at the summit. it is one of biggest our city has seen in years. now, all of the high ranking diplomats in town will have an impact on your commute. as angie told you, a lot of roads will be closed.
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the biggest? michigan avenue downtown. alex is live. how are things looking? >> reporter: pretty hectic. washingtonens know how to deal with gridlock and it is something they will have to experience and another thing that people know how to deal with are motorcades, but for the next couple of days it might take a little bit more patience. road closures and parking restrictions near the convention center are expected to impact folks outside of the perimeter of the nuclear security summit. that is whew washington, d.c. police suggest that you prepare ahead of time. >> we will be moving motor sades around the city. it is northern for the security of the entire event. so, we're asking people to be aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: police and secret service have locked down 24 blocks in the center of town.
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so the motorcades of the leaders of 37 nations can make their way and out of the convention center. >> it's like a bomb hit the center. >> reporter: expect disruptions at the metro center, too. you should plan ahead before leading on your morning commute. map out a route and be patient. back to you. >> thank you, alex. well, the sum is not just having an impact on travel on the ground, but also in the sky. in 90 minutes air restrictions take effect. general flights will be hit hard. no flight inevacuates will be allowed for the next few days. closer to the convention center, some businesses will
6:34 am
not open. it is not worth it with all of the security rules. jessica is live with that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is lock down up the street from 7th and earthquake northwest. we have police cars driving around. i would say that despite the police appearance here this morning it has been pretty quiet. lots of security out in force. i want to tell you about the local business impact is being felt. we caught up the folks at the brew house. and times have tough already. >> it started to effect us on friday night. once the barrier went up. they went up, i believe, friday night. it literally business dropped more than half. 50%. >> reporter: now the hope is that the pen up demand going to bring folks out the next couple
6:35 am
of days. people will come out and try to get lunch and dinner and pedestrian traffic will be impacted in the area. the largest employer in the washington area open for business. everything is at normal, expect except for workers. now, nonessential workers are asked to take lead. perhaps that you can tele work or work at locations in the suburbs. federal bosses are told to use flexibility, but we are telling folks it will be difficult this morning. you're going to want to plan your trip to work carefully. see if you get flexibility with the boss and if you have questions go to for more information. back to you. >> thank you. our coverage continues at
6:36 am a woman and her 3-year-old daughter are dead. the body of the 27-year-old and her daughter were found on sunday morning on a home on south reynolds street. police believe that this 34- year-old killed them. if you have seen him, call police. gilbert arenas is waking up in a halfway house this morning. he arrived there sunday morning. he will spend four weeks there and preform 400 hours of community service. the wizards hope to have arenas back next season. coming up on 6:37.
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it is time for another living smart report. this week. we are answerrering your last- minute tax questions. if you have a tax question, we're getting you answers. e-mail us.
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it is 6:37. up next -- we will check in with the space shuttle discovery. good morning. it is looking like another nice day across virginia. the forecast today, by 9:00 a good deal of sunshine. lots of temperatures in the 50s and approaching 60. as we head towards lunch. check out these temperatures -- by 3:00, upper 60s to lower 70s. and for the drive home, plenty of sunshine. the highs at or above the 70 degrees mark. here is angie for the commute. >> thank you, howard.
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we're back at 6:43. check out this images of sunday's space walk by the space shuttle discovery crew. today the astronauts have off- duty time and get ready for tomorrow's space walk. it begins at 3:11 tomorrow morning. federal investigators are heading to west virginia this morning to find out how 29 workers were killed in a coalmine and they will be
6:44 am
looking at massy energy safety recordinism custody experts admit that federal regulators doge have the power needed to shutdown mines quickly. >> if you're not using that information of a history of violation. if you're not using that to make sure that means are put at risk. >> funerals began over the weekend. the virginia governor is asking the people to join west virginia in a moment of silence this afternoon. hillary clinton visited the pollland embassy this center. poland's president, the first lady and others were killed in a plane crash in russia on sunday. investigators say that reading from flight data recorders indicated no technical problems leading up to the crash.
6:45 am
supreme court jean-paul stevens has not retired yet, but republicans are saying that they can filibuster or the president barack obama named replacement. stevens is planning to step down later this year. republicans are saying that the president must pick someone who is mainstream to avoid a bill a filibuster. >> if you have a nominee under an extraordinary circumstance a filibuster could be used. i voted against sotomayor, but that was not a filibuster. >> stevens' replacement will be president barack obama second appointment to the court. howard is back.
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it is a changing forecast. >> yes. today is nice and tomorrow we will be cool. rain to clear out the allergens and warmup midweek and cool by the end. the forecast is looking very, very nice today. 70s to low 70s off to the west and southwest, but the cool air returns tonight and stays with us through wednesday. high temperatures are near the 60 degrees mark. pleasant highs around 70. with a north wind. with the atlantic temperatures
6:47 am
in the 40s, that's where we are going to end up tonight and tomorrow struggle with 60. mostly sunny, a north, northeast wind at 9. the barometer continues to rise this morning, 30.29. the big weather story. this big storm system in california. check this out. spinning off of the northern california coast. it has pretty bad wings. bakersfield seeing wind damage. the showers in the north dakota region. we're going to see the
6:48 am
disturbance ride that flow. this is tuesday morning 4:00. detroit headed out to pennsylvania. it is to the north. we're dealing with showers on and off here. >> 70, 71 today. cool and wet at times. nice against on thursday and friday, but friday into the weekend. another disturbance. here is angie. thanks, howard.
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>> thank you, angie. it is 6:49 maryland lawmakers will be busy today. the final day of the 90 day
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legislative situation. one of the things whether to allow poker games at the racetrack and requiring drink drivers to have ignition locks and creating longer mandatory sentences for sex offenders. it is an election week. the masters began at the tiger woods show, but it ended with lefty wearing the green jacket. phil mickelson is your 2010 masters championship and you saw it all here on 9 news now. he won by 3 strokes. tiger woods finished in a tie for 4th. the capital's quest for the stanley cup starts on thursday night. that is when the first round series against the canadians starts at the verizon center. hernandez through 7 innings
6:51 am
of shutout ball for the nationals on sunday. they visit the phillies this afternoon. it is 6:51. a new look at the impact of traffic.
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it is 6:54 on this monday morning. here is what is in the news now. the nuclear security summit officially begins today at the washington convention center. that means no parking for blocks and many roads including michigan avenue will be closed. traffic is getting so bad, more of us just stay home. a new "washington post" survey finds that 25% of people in our region telecommute. the more likely that you make the more likely you dial in from home. this year's cherry blossom 1 miler.
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here is howard. >> we have another pleasant day in store. in the 40s right now, but climb to the 60s for to launch more and climbing into the 70s.
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using their minds. >> without have to hold it. weather wise a nice day. 71. we warmup nicely thursday and more showers on friday and saturday.


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